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Can having a second degree misdemeanor for driving with knowledge of suspended license prevent me from getting a job ?

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I was pulled over by a cop in orange county and they took my license but let the passenger drive my car . I drove my car again and got arrested the second time . I bailed myself out the same day but I am worried I cannot get a job now because of the arrest and conviction .

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Yes, it will prevent you from getting some jobs, especially those involving driving. However, the overwhelming majority of jobs that are available in today's job market will not shut you out due to a misdemeanor driving while license suspended conviction. If you were not convicted (adjudicated guilty) but had adjudication withheld by the presiding judge, you would be in better shape. Nonetheless, you will be able to find a job, and maybe even a job that you like.

As you know, jobs do not seem to be readily available nowadays in our country, but it's because you live in America that you have such high odds of landing a decent job. If you lived in many, maybe most other countries on earth, you would have far fewer options and be in far worse shape.

Be persistent.

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If you are looking for a job requiring driving you may have a hard time. If you have pending cases, consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney to help you.


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