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Can H1-B gets converted to L1-A or F1 (student's visa) once the Green Card is request is filed with DOL?

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My H1-B will max out in next 9 months. My Green Card aplication is going to be filed within next 2 weeks in EB-2 category.
1. Can I continue to stay in USA after 9 months, if my I-140 won't get approved my that time?
2. Can I apply for L1-A or F1 visa after Green Card application is files or after I-140 is approved?

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More information is needed. The F-1 is not likely, since it requires nonimmigrant intent. The L-1A and H-1B authorization periods often run concurrently and can't be used sequentially. There are circumstances where someone can request a 7th year and subsequent year extensions due to a labor certification application having been filed more than 365 days, or, if an I-140 petition is approved, 3 year H-1B extensions until the green card priority date is current. Consult with a knowledgeable and competent immigration attorney.

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I would advise that you review the option of premium processing your EB2 I-140 so that you may receive adjudication of the petition within 15 days of filing. The additional fee for premium processing guarantees a response from USCIS within 15 calendar days.

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