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Can good faith marriage be proven if the immigrant PRETENDED/ACTED to want to be with the citizen spouse but never liked her?

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In a I-751 Waiver case, can an immigrant successfully prove that it was a bona-fide marriage even though it was just for the immigration purposes and he PRETENDED to like the US citizen spouse? So basically he gathered all the evidence before the sham was uncovered after 8 months of being married. So can he still prove if he has certain documents even though he was just pretending to like the spouse for the sake of a green card?

The US citizen spouse realized this and got a divorce but not before the immigrant took off with the evidence of the "marriage".

So basically can it still be proven even though it was a sham marriage OR is the USCIS really good at distinguishing the real from the rubbish. Of course the immigrant will claim good faith for the green card.

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Hello, is it you again? You could read the many previously provided replies to your many previously made posts.

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Marriage fraud is a bad idea but USCIS might not catch on.


Liking or pretending is a matter of personal perception. USCIS will listen to both sides in making the bona fide marriage determination.

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