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Can getting married to an ice detainee stop him from being deported?

Englewood, CO |

he is the main support for my children and i even thought he is not their paternal father.

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The short answer is "it depends."

Sometimes marriage can provide the basis for sponsoring an immigrant or make the person eligible to get out of deportation, but not always. There are several more facts we would need to know before definitviely being able to answer that question.

In the meantime, you need to get legal help for your partner, ASAP--before he signs away his rights or gets removed. It is possible that he could be eligible for a bond or release, or he may need to fight his case while in ICE detention. Alternatively, if he has prior deportations or serious criminal history, it may be difficult or even impossible to help him.

Get the legal advice you need--NOW--from an experienced removal defense lawyer so you can understand all of your options and how best to take care of yourself and your family.

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman


Excellent answer!


It depends. More information is necessary to answer the question. If by marrying you there would be an immigration relief available to him immediately then probably the answer is yes. But consult with an experienced immigration lawyer to evaluate the merits of his case.


I would agree with my colleagues. It depends on several factors.
It is advisable to discuss this with a lawyer.
Ensure he doesnt sign any documents without consulting a lawyer.
Ekaettelaw. 720-228-4106

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