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Can Ex-Wife ask for re-imbursement on our child's medical bills that she hasn't paid for?

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My ex sent me a letter requesting a check be sent to her directly to cover medical expenses on our child. She sent me three bills totaling $204.00 and two prescriptions totaling $60.00. The problem I have with sending her a check for half like she's requesting is she has only paid the dr.'s office $20.00 out of the $204.00 owed. I found this out by calling the pediatricians office. The bills date back to Dec. '08, Feb. '09, and then last week. Should I pay the dr.'s office directly? Should I send the Rx portion to her to the depository? If I send her the money, she won't pay the bill. The divorce papers state she has to provide proof of payment within 10 days, not bills.

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The ultimate answer to your question will depend on exactly what your final judgment says. From what you say here it sounds like a "pay then reimburse" process - and if she wants "reimbursement" she should be following the final judgment.

You should contact an attorney to discuss the particulars of your case, and what possible remedies you may have to the situation.


Paying the office directly is always a good idea...then let her know that half of the payment was made directly.

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