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Can DHS in Maine freeze a SSI Payee Direct Deposit Bank Account for Current/Back Child Support Judgment ?

Portland, ME |

I opened a "Payee" bank account for a person per instruction of the Soc Sec Office. He is currently awaiting the initial first month ($710.) and two year 'back' judgment first installment ($2,000.) I just found out that there is a court order for current/back child support. Are these monies subject to seizure and or freezing by DHS in the state of Maine? If so, are my separate private accounts in danger (also at the same bank) by my being linked to this individual as their "Payee"?

*said court order being judgment against payee (not myself)!.

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Child support can garnish social security, you need to get a family law to adjust the child support to reflect that the obligor is on ssi and get a payout in the judgment otherwise it is all due now.



Thank you for the response! Concerning my own separate accounts are they in any jeopardy ?