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Can Cubans renew their I-94?

West Palm Beach, FL |

My Cuban friend entered the U.S from Mexico 11 months ago. He was given a white card (I-94) stamped with the word "Parole" it will expire in a month when he will apply to change his status (I485). At which time, he will also apply to renew his authorization to work. He's been told that he must renew his parole (I-94) because he will not have any status for 3 months until his authorization to work arrives and much later his green card.
How can he renew his I-94? What form does he have to fill out and how much does he have to pay for having this document extended?

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I believe your friend either misunderstood or was given the wrong advice. Based on being Cuban, he will apply to adjust to permanent resident status one year after CBP paroled him into the United States. That is the green card application. Once he applies for the green card and work permit, he will receive I-485/I-765 receipts as soon as USCIS cashes his filing fees. Those receipts will make him an adjustment of status applicant. After receiving the receipts, USCIS will schedule him for biometrics. He will later receive his work permit in the mail.


Once after your friend applies for adjustment under the Cuban Adjustment Act he will get some receipts from immigration. That will serve as evidence of his status in the United States as an adjustment applicant until he receives his work permit.


You would have to renew the PAROLE. Unfortunately CBP is not doing that anymore. The work permit may arrive sooner.