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Can creditors take my trailer and garnish my social security disability income in AZ state

Apache Junction, AZ |

I had to stop paying credit cards , I am on social security disability and va disability. i own a trailer i paid 9000.00 for can they take my primary residence or touch my checks?

thank you

i am $25,000.00 in debt and make $905.00 a month total. i pay 350.00 for lot rent, 122.00 electric, 35.00 tele, gas 35.00-50.00. cant afford to pay for bankrupsy. what am i to do? was paying thru debt consoluation but could not live on what was left 905-640 dose not leave much. had to borrow money from relitves , but that has stopped. i cancelled bank account. i heard they can not touch my disability checks. HELP PLEASE

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Attorney answers 2


Note that I am not licensed to practice in your state.

If the credit card companies decides to sue you for the unpaid debts, then they can attach your bank accounts and also put a lien on your property.


In addition, keep in mind that creditors cannot garnish income if it comes from: social security benefits, retirement plan benefits and public assistance benefits.

You have the burden to prove that your income is exempt from garnishment. Since garnishment procedures vary from state to state, I would strong recommend that you contact an attorney in your area.

Good luck.