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Can court keep changing charges when they cant find enough evidence to charge me with what they arrested me for ? 3 times now

Crossville, TN |
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If they can get a magistrate to sign an arrest warrant then you have to answer to the charges as long as the other ones have not gone to trial.If I was your attorney,I would definitely file a motion to dismiss for prosecutorial misconduct because he sounds like the prosecution of you is overzealous.However,There isn't a law that says it can't be done.Ive seen people tried for the same thing on 3 different occasions because a jury could not come to an unanimous decision during each trial.Ive never seen a detective or prosecutor change a charge 3 different times when things didnt go their way.You definitely need excellent counsel to represent you.Good Luck!



thank you for your time in this matter ,I will mention it to my court apt attorney ,you all are doing a good service here ty ty ty


The court does not charge you with anything. The prosecutor files charges. It does sound like you have an issue based on being targeted by the district attorney. Consider filing a complaint with the Board with advice from your attorney.


I've witnessed a few incidents where the Attorney General has issues with the Attorney handling the case or the defendant charged with the offenses for retaliatory reasons. I don't know if this applies to your situation, but you definitely need to have your Attorney file the necessary documents to delve further into this incident to hold the Attorney General accountable for their actions. Be mindful that even if the Attorney General is constantly changing the charge that should serve that they really don't have a good case after all. Good luck with your situation I know this has been a frustrating process for you and your Attorney.

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