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Can conversations from myspace or facebook be used in court?

Russellville, AR |

I'm going to court soon over my ex not abiding by the court order. She has not been letting me see my son for standard visitation. (over me giving him a haircut) She has no ground to stand on in court but is desperate to use anything in her favor at this point. My wife has discussed different things about the situation on facebook and myspace with her (my wife's) friends. Now my ex is claiming she's going to use those conversations against me in court. Can these be used even though my ex's name was never mentioned in these conversations and nothing bad was said except for facts?

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I have used myspace postings against opposing parties in custody cases. Depending on who made the postings and who appears in Court they may or may not be admissible. The standard in these cases is what is in the best interests of the child.