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Can co-signer of car loan take possession of car if primary borrower isn't paying?

Rocky Hill, CT |

I 'stupidly' co-signed a car loan to help a co-worker and good friend. He has paid one month late already, and damaged my credit score. I will pay on-time from now on (assuming he doesn't). In order to protect my credit. If I have to pay to keep the account from being 30 days late, can I sue him for the amount I paid? Also, if he doesn't repay me after a court ruling, can I put a lien on the vehicle and take it?

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You are likely a co-buyer. Each of you have equal right to the car.


If you are a cosigner and the car is not registered to you, then you can get into trouble if you just take possession. You need to make that a part of the court's ruling.

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