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Can citation be challenged in court after expiration of the day limit to appear in court

Billerica, MA |

Hi guys , I was awarded a citation on 01/19/2012. Unfortunately I lost the ticket.
The ticket mentions that the violator would lose the right to a hearing if the citation is NOT signed and sent to the Dept of Motor vehicles in 20 days.

I retrieved the citation today , and looks like I missed the 20 day mark. Can I request a hearing?

Thanks for a speedy answer?

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Best Answer

Send in the request for a hearing tomorrow. The rmv usually leaves a few days window for mailing and whatnot. In the event you receive a suspension notice for nonpayment, go to an rmv with a hearings officer and let them know you sent in the appeal. They can manually enter in your request.if you would like to consult on the details of the ticket feel free to contact my office.



Choosing this as the best answer. I feel the RMV wants to ensure you sign the citation by the date .... mail maybe delayed. ;)


You can send in the notice for a hearing and see what they will do. If they deny you a hearing you can appeal to the clerk magistrate of the court where the hearing is too take place. If you can show a valid reason the clerk may still give you a hearing. At that time the clerk's office would notify the RMV and they would mark it up for a hearing. In the past I had sucess with appealing old and even paid tickets. It can be done.