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Can child support take money from a business account if you owe back child support?

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We own our own business and have a large amount of back child support. We pay on it on a regular basis but are in the enforcement stage. They have levied our personal account before, but if we open a business account can they levy that?

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It is my understanding that they can put a levy on anything they believe you have control over, and has your name on it. In past cases, this has occurred to a client who's name was on his father's account as a POD beneficiary. However, since my client in that case did not have control of the funds, they removed the hold. Here, you would still have control of the money, just under a different name. It's likely they would still try to levy it.

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Most likely yes if you exercise control over the business. Remember that child support guidelines are not obligated to abide by or allow expenses and/or deductiins just because the IRS may allow them.

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