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Can child support for children not with custodial parent be paid back to non-custodial parent?

Pueblo, CO |

My wife is still receiving child support for my children although they have not lived with her since 2002. I cannot go to New York for court. What are my options?

I pay over $800 in arrears child support every month. Monroe county in New York is adding $721 each month to what I owe. At this rate I won't pay this off in my lifetime. I am 66 at this time. I need to change the child support order for the county to stop charging me current support and adding it to the arrears. I cannot go to NY for court and would like to have a change of venue but the children are living on their own since 2005. One lives in NY and the other child lived with me since she was 15 in Sept. 2002.

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It sounds like Colorado likely has jurisdiction over your children at this point (if they have lived here more than 6 months). You can file for a motion to modify child support and parenting time right here in Colorado after you file for a change in will likely need to bring this issue up with a New York attorney though (at the very least) even if the jurisdiction is now in Colorado (just to make sure that New York would not have some kind of a problem with the change of jurisdiction).