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Can child protective services enter my home if they do not have probable cause?

Spring Creek, NV |

I ran a quick errand to our local DCFS office and left my children supervised by my 12 yr old in the car while I was gone for less than two minutes. Two workers were outside smoking and confronted me when I came back out, sneering that I should not have left my kids in the car in front of DCFS. I replied that my 12 yr old daughter was there supervising. I know I have not broken the laws, so if they still come to my house do I need to let them in since they would not have probable cause to search my house?

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The police need probable cause or exigent circumstances to enter your home -- CPS does not, and can open an investigation on nothing more than an anonymous tip. On the other hand, the law on leaving children in a vehicle in Nevada is that children under 7 cannot be left alone, and a child of at least age 12 may supervise younger children so long as the 12+ year old is capable of supervising and there are no other safety issues. Hopefully the workers who gave you a hard time have had their moment and won't pursue you or your family.

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The threshold for CPS is very, *very* low.

It is not a criminal proceeding, and the criminal protections simply don't apply.


CPS is not bound by the same Constitutional protections that bind the police from entry into your some, search & seizure and such because CPS charges are only quasi-criminal.

I agree with my colleagues that no laws were broken here. Child neglect is a gross misdemeanor in Nevada. Be very careful. Leaving a child in a car is a very common scenario where people are charged criminally.

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