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Can charges that were dismissed / denied become available in background checks?

Waldorf, MD |

I had a false protective order filed against me that was dismissed the same day because the petitioner refused to attend the hearing, AND 2 false peace orders filed that were dismissed/denied. Now false harassment charges are pending. I understand I can have the records sealed/expunged, but If I am applying for federal positions, will this information show on any background checks they execute (despite my never being arrested) and will it still show on FBI records if the criminal charges are dropped or dismissed? I have never been arrested, charged, nor convicted of anything in my life until now. A result of adultery and my spouse being in the wrong place at the wrong time and my finding them there.

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Yes. Just run your name on google and see all the websites that listed your arrest. You can't expunge those. They may negotiate with you and remove them for a price. The charges will show up on fbi or state crime searches but will show as dismissed.



Thank you for your response. I have never been arrested for anything.


No one can guarantee you that it won't. While you might pursue expungement to the extent possible, so that the record would not routinely appear when the general public makes a search of court records on the Internet, before you do that you should get a complete certified copy of the file and keep it with your important papers. I have heard that certain records remain available to the government for national security purposes and to the state for public safety purposes. Additional information about expungement is available at

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