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Can charges be dropped in a simple assault?

Indianapolis, IN |

Got into an arguement with bf. He grabbed me by my coat, it happened so fast I didn't know if he pushed me or what. I called the police out of anger. They came. His sister talked me into leaving. So we left. They had him in handcuffs but since I left they had to let him go. Later I call police to have an escort to my apt to get my stuff to leave. The same 2 police come they convince me to file I guess a incident report (incident title on the card they gave me was "assault simple") They said they would call him to tell him he now had a warrant. They never called him to my knowledge. I moved out of state in the meantime. I call the detective and its the domestic violence detective. I want to drop charges and be done with it. I didn't intentionally charge him. Miscommunication. What do I do?

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Unfortunately this scenario repeats itself so often police press as they did here for a complaining witness to go on record and the prosecutor likewise will pursue the case. You need to consult an attorney to advise you what you should say and do next. You don't want to place yourself in a position where false informing or other obstruction of justice charges could be filed against you. If in fact no crime occurred, but you told the police things happened which did not in fact happen you could be held responsible. If you've simply had a change of heart and don't want to see him prosecuted, that is a different story and you can discuss that with your attorney who can represent you and your position as a victim of crime with the prosecutor's office.

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