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Can Change of status be cancelled once filed

Peoria, IL |

received 797c informing about wife's change of status from L2 to H4 application in progress.
Is it possible to request its cancellation and request only to process my change of status from L1 to H1 (assuming h1 selected in lottery)

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Yes, your wife may withdraw her application for change of status.


Yes, wife can send in a written withdrawal notification to USCIS at any time requesting that her pending application for COS to H-4 be withdrawn, "effective immediately".

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Yes. Write a letter to USCIS and pray it will not fall on deaf ears.

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The simple answer is yes, you may cancel the request for change of status. But do you understand how your and your wife's status are related and how to ensure that you both maintain legal status? Consult with the attorney who is handling your H-1B or hire a second attorney for you wife.

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