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Can cashing check with my company and my name on the 2nd line? -

Jacksonville, FL |

I recently and ACCIDENTALLY deposited a check into my personal it happened was I had a couple of checks that needed to be deposited and multitasking on a weekend. I work remotely and a check was given to me by a company that we work with that had both of our names....anyways I grabbed the 3 checks and deposited into the ATM and then realized that the 2nd check was the check with the company and my name on it.....I was scared to alert the bank in case there's questions. I left a message for th company that issued the check to me to call me back so if the bank cashes, i can give the money to the company and have another check issued to my company......worries since I don't want it to look like even though it may sound like defrauding. I haven't alerted my co..

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This was a simple and understandable mistake. Correct it by writing a check from your personal account immediately.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239

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