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Can anyone tell if the RFE for U visa is submitted and is properly prepared with all the documents requested how long VSC Takes

Brea, CA |

They say that they respond with a written decision within 60 days.
Do you know if they can exceed this time limit to more than 60 days or its just the fixed time line for them to make a decision. I have submitted the application in aug 2011 so its more than 10 months. Please help me to find out the answers thank you so much.

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60 days is the norm ... yes, it can take longer in certain cases. Talk to an attorney and have him/her review your file.

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I would have an immigration lawyer review your paperwork. Find one who will offer a free consultation.

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Generally these cases have been taking approximately 9 months. However, getting an RFE may cause some delays. Best to you.

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