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Can anyone give me a referral for an outstanding attorney in employment,discrimination, labor, ADA, and unions in bay area,ca

San Jose, CA |

in the mental health department over 100 "dependent" contractors have been employed year after year without any of the benefits of employees. These workers are clients of mental health services or family of those receiving services. The employee relationnship looks like that of a regular coded staff except without any benefits or protections, in fact these creatively misclassifoed employees are generally employedd at a level of at least 100 percent plus BELOW the rate of coded staff doing the same or similiar work. They are not allowed to apply for open positions on the transfer line depite wrking there for years because those positions are for County employees. they have to pay into calpers which is for county staff but are not given any other benefits,sick time,vacation,etc.

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The California Employment Lawyers Association maintains a comprehensive directory of employee-side lawyers throughout the state. You can visit CELA's website at, click on the "Member Search" link and find employment attorneys in the area.

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I can give you an outstanding reference who I believe without question does a five star performance and aggressively takes cases to resolution. Her name is Pam Teren and her referral information is as follows:

Pam Teren, P.C.
225 Avenue I, Suite 203
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Office: (310) 543-2300
Fax: (310) 543-2303

I referred a most difficult case last year to her. She executed and settled the case above and beyond the call of duty and realized an outstanding summarily resolution of the case. Don’t hesitate to contact her.

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I agree with Mr. Velton. CELA is a noteworthy organization. You will find the right attorney there.

Good luck.

(888) 980-2743
(888) 980-ARIE

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