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Can anyone explain the inmate release process at Cobb County Jail

Atlanta, GA |

My boyfriend has a projected release date of 3/18/11, with a max date of 5/13/11. He received this paperwork while in jail. He was told that as long as he stays out of trouble (which he has) he will get out on 3/18. When I look on line I do not see this info anywhere. When I called the jail they said they can not give out release date info, that he'd have to write or call. He has no stamps and the calls are expensive so we don't know what's going on. Does anyone know the inmate release process? Should someone be there on 3/18 to get him, if so where, what time? I got no help or answers when I called the Cobb County Sheriff's office

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They won't tell you the info over the phone and that info won't be on the website either. It sounds like he is serving time on something that makes him eligible for 2-for-1 credit. That means his total jail sentence could be cut in half if he behaves himself while in jail. Assuming so, and he gets released on 3/18, they will allow him to make a phone call once released for him to call you (or whoever) for a pick up.