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Can any Fraud Attorney who is willing to take a case on Contingency please contact me? The case is in Santa Rosa, California.

Rodeo, CA |

I live in Contra Costa County. Damages sought are: General-pain & suffering & inconvenience $150,000; emotional damage $150,000; fraud-$250,000; Actual $76,100; Interest from 11/17/09 to 1/31/13-$22,948.02; Special damages under CCP 749.5-$228,300; under Civil Code 3333-$208,075.19; Civil Code 3343(a)(1) $20,000.00; Punitive $380,500.00. Case already filed, but my lawyer withdrew because defendant's counsel wrote him a letter saying I was arrested trying to break into def's home. Not true. I just won against demurrer on 2 cause of actions, amended pleading filed. Answer due on 2/2/13. Already finished special interrogatories, req for admissions, witness list, motion in limine. Def and his lawyer rich and powerful--experts at fraud. Tons of evidence. Will lose without a lawyer.

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Yes, you are highly likely to lose without a lawyer. What exactly is the nature of the alleged fraud?

If D atty wrote that note and it is untrue, then D atty may be on the hook for a separate violation of law, maybe, and if so, may have to be Disqualified? Maybe...

IF you have the entire file for review, I will gladly consider taking a look at it for you.
Since 2/2/13 is a weekend nothing is "due" until 2/4/13 AND if you are Plaintiff AND if all of this discovery is done, why do you have an "answer" due?