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Can another person be convicted of criminal liability for lying on a police report? In this case, 3 other people.

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I was falsely accused by my supervisor of physical assault. It was an outright lie. She submitted a police report stating I never touched her, then asked the officer to return so she could change the report to state that I did assault her. In addition, 2 supervisors also made false statements on the police report by saying that I had verbally admitted to assaulting her. This, too, was an outright lie but I was immediately terminated from my job and denied unemployment benefits. The charges were thrown out by the prosecuting attorney, but what can legally be done to them for making false accusations on a police report? And in the process slandering my reputation and ruining my career?

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A person can be prosecuted for filing a false police report, but that generally doesn't happen with assaultive crimes. I won't bore you with why. You will see more false police report charges from things like auto theft than you will assault. This is because it's easier to show that a car was in fact never stolen and was a false report than it is to prove that an assault never happened. You can still ask the investigating officer to submit your claim to the prosecutor. However, your question seems more geared for an employment attorney to answer.

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