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Can and will i get any money back. i had my car parked in my driveway and was hit by a "stolen" car.

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woke up 6-14-12 to my cars front end being smashed and the rear end pushed in to my truck. i filled a police report. about an hour after the report was made the police said the car was called in stolen. i have liability on both vehicles. my agent told me to get a hold of the stolen cars insurance if any. my question, are the owners insurance liable to the damages that were done to my car even if the car was reported stolen after i made the report. the car that was hit was a 93 honda civic with about 8k in modifications. i have all receipts, i do my own labor and bodywork. as i paint cars for a living. the bumper is falling off, fenders pushed back hood is crunched, lights busted out. and rear bumper crushed by being pushed about 2 feet in to the rear of my trucks trailer hitch.

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Go after the car owner's insurance, and if they won't compensate you, simply make a claim with your own insurance company.

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While I agree with Mr. Lassen, I would also look to see if the person who stole the car was arrested. If so, you may be able to file a restitution claim in the criminal case. It is a very slow way to get reimbursed, but you can be compensated for the damage and the restitution order is not discharged in bankruptcy.

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