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Can an out of state traffic ticket be discharged in a bankruptcy?

Norman, OK |

In 2009, I was the victim of a "Swoop and squat" accident. I live in Oklahoma and the accident was in FL. I was injured and given the ticket in the hospital. Car was totaled and though I was released from hospital, I was not in good enough condition to drive for several weeks. We (children and I) were forced to stay in a hotel until I was well enough to drive. I missed the time to contest the "careless driving" ticket, due to being out of it for several weeks. I began receiving "collection letters" from a collection agency for this ticket. Am I able to discharge this ticket in a bankruptcy? I have received "collection letters" from two different collection agencies. Is there a statue of limitations on collecting on a traffic ticket from FL, where it won't come back to "bite me", if I can't


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You should consult a bankruptcy attorney, but in NJ, they are usually not discahrgeable.

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