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Can an insurance company require you to purchase used parts for repairs under your deductible?

Gilbert, MN |

I ran over/hit a deer and have comp insurance. My deductible is $1000. The insurance company is trying to make me purchase used parts to repair my van in order to keep the repairs under the deductible, That is what they told the repair shop. Some parts I wouldn't mind being used but some I would. Since I am the one paying for the parts, can they require that they be used? This is just the beginning of the battle with them, since they are trying to say that there was prior damage etc and deny part of my claim. The whole thing is one giant headache already.

Things I do not mind being used are cosmetic things such as trim, or the gas tank straps. Things such as the rack and pinion that need replacing.

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Insurance carriers are fighting the little things like this more and more. Because your car was "used," they can argue that the reasonable replacement is used parts. Sometimes these can be dangerous. Stay on their case and hire a lawyer if they aren't be reasonable.

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