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Can an insurance company change your insurance and deductible, without notifying and/or getting permission from the person

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Can an insurance company change your insurance and deductible, without notifying and/or getting permission from the person insured? I am in the state of NY. Thank you.

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I am not versed in NY state law. There may be some state specific laws that apply-check with your division of insurance.

Generally, though the insurance company does not need your approval to increase the rate/premium. Insurance is a business. Premium increases have to be approved through a procedure, however. So at least communicate with the division of insurance in your state to see if a rate increase from your company complies.

As to changing your deductible.....That may be a little more complicated. As the consumer, you have a choice as to what deductible you wish to choose in accordance with the limits and coverage you select and pay for. The deductible may be linked to some overall change in the inner workings (the underwriting process) of the insurance company.

Communicate with the state on this one.

Best of luck to you!

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What specifically did they change with your insurance policy? They can change your premiums, but that is usually about it since the policy is a contract.

Good luck.

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