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Can an illegible rental lease agreement be deemed unenforceable if its literally not readable without a magnifying glass?

Los Angeles, CA |

If a lease agreement is written in extremely fine print of which cannot be read with a naked eye without using a magnifying glass (and even then it is only partially readable), could a court potentially deem the agreement unenforceable?

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I've never heard of such a scenario, but assuming arguendo that your lease is really in such small print, it is possible that a court could deem it unenforceable.

Certainly, as to certain disclosures required under California law, the lease actually has to be in a certain font size. For example, regarding Megan's Law, Civil Code Section 2079.10a, the notice used must be in at least 8-point type. For condo conversions, Government Code Section 66459, this notice must be printed in at least 14-point bold type.

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Wow, thanks for the info on the laws concerning font size, very helpful. And yes, I've never seen a lease like this before, I kid you not. One would literally need to possess the Hubble Telescope to read this lease.

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