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Can an illegal immigrant travel within the U.S in greyhound or airplane?

Saint Paul, MN |

my family is traveling to Arizona but we're having difficulty getting there and we're thinking to go on plane or bus but don't know if it will an issue

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Of course you can travel. however, the question is whether you will be stopped and questioned by any ICE or Border Patrol Agents. It is always a possibility. Officers ofter board planes and request identification at RR stations.


Technically you are ot "allowed" to travel in the U.S. but what you are asking is if you are like
Y to get caught. I often say traveling by plane is much less likely to cause a problem because you are exposed for much less time. Almost all airports will only need to see government photo ID. the main exception would be El Paso where immigration officers stand next to the TSA to watch the types of documents presented. Other border airports, arch as San Diego are like
Y to be a problem. Of course we have all heard about what it will be like once you arrive in Arizona. As for Greyhoud they will routinely search in the border zones, and there is a major checkpoint on route 10 in Texas. Florida is known for having a lot of immigration checks on buses. They say they have the Right because it is next to a sea port.


there is always a risk of being caught.. especially on public transportation near the border

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