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Can an illegal allien take a domestic flight within the United States with a Mexican passport?

Austin, TX |

im of Mexican Nationality, currently living in austin tx. i wanted to take a flight from austin tx to NYC with my mexican passport but im afrait they will question me about my status here. Im currently a college student. Could i show them my college id and a letter from my University stating that im currently attending school there (the letter has my age, the college id has my photo), or im better off just using my Mexican passport. I do not have a visa. Can they ask for further information if i show them my Mx passport. I actually called the airport and they say its possible theyll ask for student visa (they actually asked for my current status over the phone). im just afrait to get deported if i choose to risk it. what are my options. your recommendations?

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Your Mexican Passport, nor Student ID give you legal status in the U.S. While Customs officials and BCBP are usually at points of entry from international flights, they are sometimes scattered across the U.S. in different places. There is always the possibility one will question you and you will then most likely be placed into deportation/removal proceedings. It would be best not to fly. Also, it would be best to try to work on getting an employer to sponsor you at this point or trying to regularize your status through family. Please see more below.


Brian D. Lerner
Attorney at Law


you are not in status. there is a huge risk that you will be questioned and even detained. that said, i am sure that thousands of undocumented people still get on a plane every day. i would say that the general rule is that you will have to show your passport without the visa. then if you lie about your status, you are in BIG trouble, but if you tell them about your status, you are leaving your life in their hands.



That's bologny and fearmongering! TSA is not there to check anyones status. They are merely there to make sure that the person on the ID is the person that is boarding the airplane. They will not leaf through a passport, they are only concerned with the photo page. TSA is not immigration or ICE