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Can an employer require you to present a social security card for employment?

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Can an employer require you to present a social security card for employment? I have a number but my employer is insisting that I show them the physical card before they let me work. I can easily get one but I wonder if what they're doing is legal. Is it? Manager who interviewed me ..wanted to hire me right away but HR manager is adamant that she needs to see original card before she can process my application. I have other documents like passport card (valid for travel within USA and canada) and I have driving license but she is just stuborn that she needs to see original card. is it illegal that she insist about this?

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Employers are required to obtain your Social Security Number for obvious tax related purposes. While the employer is not required to see your actual card (other proof of who you are is sufficient) there is nothing that would keep an employer from requiring that documentation (the original card). Good luck.

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Yes, and why would you argue? She's not "just stubborn," she is your boss.

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