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Can an employer discipline you for filing unemployment?

Toledo, OH |

I was laid off through the holidays and only paid holiday pay on Christmas and new years day though I was off of work from Dec 24-January 7 with the exception of 1 short day and I called unemployment for the days I did not work or get holiday pay and they said they could not find my employer in the system so the next day when I did return to work my employer was pissed and said "due to the fact unemployment contacted me and you filed for unemployment you will NOT be getting any holiday pay" and has set up a meeting with him to discuss "how he should handle this"

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Talk to a local employment law attorney. They will be happy to join you in the meeting.

This is not legal advice but only general information. No attorney-client relationship is created without a written and signed retainer. I do not know all the facts of your specific situation, which will affect this general post. You can get more information at my websites:


Talk to an employment lawyer before you have a meeting with your boss.


I agree with the other answers. You can contact an attorney here on Avvo or you can use and search that way.