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Can an employer change your shift time and add to your responsibilities without additional compensation?

Beloit, WI |

I have been with the company for 3yrs. Today they told me, to help cut down on overtime they are moving my start time from 3am to 2pm. I would still be responsible for the work that I currently do, plus add the responsibilities that would have been done by three other people. I asked about compensation for the added work and was told I am still considered to be in the same "department" as before. However, everyone else in the "department" gets to go home and be with their families. I won't get to see my family until the weekend. Do I have any ground to stand on? Can they fire me if I tell them I won't change my start time?

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Are you in a union or other contract? That might change my answer.

Generally employees in Wisconsin are "employees at will" which means that they have no contract with the employer and the employee and employer both can terminate the relationship at will. Thus, a change in hours, responsibilities, etc. are permissible and you can decide whether to continue the work relationship or terminate and find another job. The employer could also decide that they do not want to retain you and find somebody else for the job for any reason. Of course, this does not mean the employer can discriminate in the hiring or firing process (age, sex, religious, etc. discrmination) but otherwise is free to exercise its discretion about whether to hire, keep on or change positions for an employee.

This is not legal advice, but general information related to the topic since I do not know all of the facts of the situation and you have not retained me as your attorney. To get exact legal advice please contact and retain an attorney of your choosing.