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Can an employer be sued for firing unexpectingly creating financial hardship?

Tulsa, OK |

We live in Oklahoma and I realize that employers can fire you for whatever reason. My question is would it be worth suing in small claims court against my husbands former employer. My husband and I moved across state for this job, which only lasted 4 months. My husband was approached by a larger company and scheduled a telephone interview with them.(He had a resume online) He traveled alot and got called away on business so had to call an try to reschedule this interview. Well he got fired when he returned for misusing the cell phone provided for calling this other company. Somehow the employer found out and felt like my husband was sneaking around looking for another job. We are completely broke and in a city with no family,nothing at all. I hope someone will have some insight to this.

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Unless your husband has some type of employment contract with the employer, then I'm not seeing a cause of action here for you to sue under. Almost every person that gets fired has unexpected financial hardships but that is not grounds to sue. You will need to show that the company breached some written promise or contract to recover or show that your husband was discriminated against and that he is a member of a protected class. (age, race, religion, etc)

Proabaly not the answer you were looking for. Good luck.

John Hunsucker

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