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Can an employer be held legally responsible for breaking a verbal agreement?

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Went into a meeting to address issues at work and was demoted and transferred without prior discipline, conversations or anything. When asked why, the owner and the consultant were not able to tell me what i had done wrong. Said i was going to be transferred to another store to get training by that manager. I agreed to the transfer, for the training. I asked for the reason in writing, to no avail. Been here for 2 weeks now, no training, no idea what i have done wrong. Mgr at this place told me that the owner said that he could not have two people making mgr pay so i had to work the night shift, which i cannot (i clearly stated that). They are bullying me into taking this night position. The owner clearly stated i was only going here for training. has not happened

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Certain promises by an employer create a contractual relationship such as promises to pay you and compensate you an invoice. But internal promises of I'll agree to train you are not trained you are may not be rising to the level of an enforceable contract

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Unless you have a contract, or there is some discriminatory reason, your only solution is to find a new job.


Most employee is our society are "at will". Therefore unless you are in an employee contract that states the terms you are describing, there probably is not much you can do besides find another job. Sorry that happened to you.

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