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Can an auto body shop charge you storage if you paid for an estimate and it's been at there shop for 20 days?

San Diego, CA |

I took my car in because it had water in it from a water main break that went to my seat line in my Nissan 350z.. I had an estimator look at my car twice while it was there. The total damage was about $2500. I was willing to put my old seats back in to save money and have them replace my carpets and foam inserts. I purchased the carpet and foam inserts myself.. Thee only thing the auto body was going to charge me for was the labor and power wash inside my vehicle. Is it fair for this company to charge me a storage fee of $30 a day for 20 days along with doing 25% of the work needed to get my car back up and running? In addition, Storage fee isn't in the fine print on what I signed... It's alledgely posted in the shop and not on a document that authorizes my permissio

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Please see my prior response to your prior post.