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Can an auto body shop charge you storage if you paid for an estimate and it's been at there shop for 20 days?

San Diego, CA |

I took my car in because it had water in it from a water main break that went to my seat line in my Nissan 350z.. I had an estimator look at my car twice while it was there. The total damage was about $2500. The shop thought it was going to 100% of my business completely. I was willing to put my old seats back in to save money and have them replace my carpets and foam inserts. I purchased the carpet and foam inserts myself so it would be the total of the labor and power wash inside the vehicle. Is it fair for this company to charge me a storage fee of $30 a day for 20 days and do 25% of the work needed to get my car back up and running? In addition, Storage fee isn't in the fine print on what I signed... It's alledgely posted in the shop and not on a document that authorizes my permission

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Any fee would have to be reasonable. If the fee is charged while you are negotiating and they are estimating, this is not reasonable. Once they notify that you need to get it out of there or they will start charging storage you need to do so. They should not be able to retroactively charge storage. Good luck in getting them to change their tactics...


I say NO.
Did they ever tell you that you would be responsible for a storage fee? I assume you were in contact with the shop during the time it was stored there? If it's not in the fine print, you will likely prevail against them in small claims court.

This is my opinion and should not be construed as legal advise for your specific case as there are many more facts which you have not provided.