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Can an attorney work out this deal with the DA to drop my charge from a felony to misdemeanor?

Dallas, TX |

My fiance was arrested 2 years ago for possesion of heroin less than 1g. He since has served several months in jail, served inpatient rehab, and was on probation. He skipped probation check in and was re arrested and then let out with a leg monitor. He stupidly got kicked out of his parents house and cut the monitor off. He is wanting to know if he got an attorney, would that attorney be able to get his charge lessened to a misdemeanor with NO additional jail time in exchange for letting the DA know where a known drug dealer with a Level 1 felony warrant was? Is this possible?

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Extremely extremely unlikely. If he is on deferred, technically he can be re-pled. But with these facts, I honestly don't see it happening.

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He is facing a probation revocation on his original charge. If that was a "straight probation" sentence, he has already been convicted of the felony offense. He should definitely contact an attorney to have a detailed discussion of his case immediately.


May I suggest that you all quit trying to do serious legal tactics and strategy as a do it yourself project. This situation calls for the assistance of a reputable criminal defense lawyer.

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