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Can an attorney represent me without me needing to go to court for a reckless driving violation in VA? I am not a VA resident.

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In some states, like Florida it is permissible if there is t be no jail time. You should consult an attorney in the county in Virginia where this occurred. | For confidential answers on Florida law, call 1.877.452.9457. Attorney James Regan, LL.M, Esq., is a Florida lawyer answering questions pro bono. Answering these consumer questions based on limited and unverified facts does not create an attorney-client relationship. Being posted on the internet, these questions and answers are not confidential. For confidential answers on Florida law, call 1.800.452.9357.


You probably do not have to appear. For more information about when you need to appear in court and when an attorney can appear for you check out this weblink:


Usually you can. However, because reckless driving is a misdemeanor, jail time and license suspension is on the table. Call a few attorneys in the jurisdiction where you were stopped and discuss the local rules/customs with them. Some judges, throughout VA, take exception to defendants not appearing for court while most will accept representation from an attorney with an authorization to have that attorney plea on your behalf.
Be sure to obtain a copy of your driving record from the state where you are licensed before discussion with a lawyer. Your driving record will be a good indicator of whether you will need to come back.
Good Luck.

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