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Can an attorney help me write a complaint to the the proper board on the behavior of a marriage family counselor?

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My goal is to write to the board to have them review my specific complaints and have the complaints written properly and clearly according to the policies that I think were violated whether legally or ethical . There are actions that are borderline violations of the ethical rules they are supposed to uphold that I already found from research through other counselor with the same license . What the outcome is I don't know what my options are but he has caused emotional pain but my main goal is to make sure his actions are curbed and he doesn't act the way he did with my situation with anyone else . I want it reported properly . Its not sexual abuse just an FYI .

It also had to do with our how he tried to counsel our child. My child didnt even trust him and thought the things he would say were wrong or confusing and that is why I started getting red flags.

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You do not need an attorney to initiate a complaint against a licensed professional in California. For MFT counselors, here is the site to begin:

The licensing agency will investigate based on a short factual statement from a consumer of services that evidences a breach of professional standards. You do not need to"argue" or prove the alleged breach.Agency staff will assist by asking specific questions that measure conduct against the specific obligations and standards applicable to the licensed professional.

If the misconduct is established, the agency can impose discipline against the license up to and including loss of the license. In certain situations, the agency can enforce orders for restitution. Damages are not available by the administrative complaint process and there is no provision for attorney's fees incurred by any complainant.

My responses to questions on Avvo are never intended as legal advice and must not be relied upon as legal advice. I give legal advice only in the course of an attorney-client relationship. Exchange of information through Avvo's Questions forum does not establish an attorney-client relationship with me. That relationship is established only by individual consultation and execution of a written agreement for legal services.



Thank you!! I am not seeking financial compensation but to curb the behavior. If it possible that if I am found to have complaints that are legit valid that I can take that to the family court..I complained to the judge about the behavior and its in the minutes I said to the judge "I dont know if what I just told you is allowed or not but it doesnt sound right to me and I am not an attorney" It never went further because we went to a 730 after that. I knew I wanted to file a complaint but I wanted to wait till he was no longer our counselor so it didnt look as if I am an angry parent. Thank you



I meant is it possible to take the info to family court if my complaints are found legit by the board?

Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall


Yes. And you can report the fact and the status of the matter to the family court during the course of the licensing agency's investigation and enforcement process, even before a final determination.

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