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Can an arbritator make an award decision that would exceed all liability coverage?

Belleville, IL |

I was involved in an auto accident in Chgo. IL due to the accident there is/was personal & damages liabilities.. I have concurred severe chronic pain and alot of other health/mental injuries. Over the past 13 years since the auto accident to present, medical bills, loss wages, 14 meds, tests, 23 specialists, hospitalized etc..

At the arbritation it was confirmed that all of the above I've listed exceeded the uninsured/underinsured liability coverages.

Do an Illinois arbritator has the right to award an amount that exceeds the max coverages?

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Yes. Arbitrator bases decision on damages, not on amount of insurance available. If there was no insurance you are still entitled to damages.

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Yes,but you cannot collect more than the UM policy limits that are available.

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Although yes is the right answer, I'm not sure that this gives you the right impression. While the arbitrator's job is to award you damages which fairly and adequately compensates you for your injuries regardless of the coverage, this doesn't mean that you will actually be able to collect more than the available coverage. The only circumstance under which this might be possible is if you could prove bad faith on the part of the involved insurer, and it is not clear at all that you have the right to make such a claim against the UM/UIM carrier in Illinois even if there is bad faith. In the end, this means that while the arbitrator can award whatever he or she wants, in almost every case your actual recovery will be limited to amount of the coverage. I'm sorry I don't have better news.



Most arbitrators, like most judges and juries, are kept ignorant of policy limits for reasons of law and fairness. Savvy arbitrators can often estimate what the policy limits may be but it is not something to which they are supposed to be privy.

Now, the question of what happens with regard to collection of the judgment/award is a different story.

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