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Can an Arbitrary claim be overturned do to new testimonies?

Mcdonough, GA |

I was wrongfully terminated for conduct unbecoming & illicit use of drugs. While I was at working, staying in an hotel. A housekeeper claimed she found a marijuana butt in my room. I was pulled from service and sent home, never being drug tested and I never had any negative work history. Police claim they found the butt and flushed it down the toilet. And my job fired me and but I never touched anything. Now two former employees of that hotel not knowing that I was fired for the claim want to testify on my behalf. What can i do?

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Georgia law provides relief to persons falsely accused of a crime. A good attorney will be able to listen to your facts and advise whether you have a good claim, that is worthwhile to bring. There are timelines that apply so call without delay. No cost consultation at 770-753-9995.

I am providing general information on the law only, and no attorney-client relationship exists by virtue of this exchange. You can not rely upon this as formal legal advice. If you require specific legal advice, you must hire an attorney and then your communications will be protected by attorney-client privilege, and you will have the benefit of an opinion of counsel.



Also I noticed after re-reading the arbitrators judgement I discovered that the witness statement never states the findings or seeing of anything incriminating and she signed the actual statement and never said she saw anything but my job states she does admit she does? I smell a rat!


Testify where? IN what case? What do you mean by "wrongfully terminated?" In Georgia, employees can be terminated for any or no reason (with very few exceptions for such things as unlawful discrimination). There is no right to a job or paycheck, and it does not matter if you disagree with the decision or think it is "wrongful." Please amend your post to indicate your legal claim and in what case your friends want to testify?