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Can an appointed attorney be changed

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My boyfriend has been in jail for four months now and has not seen his attorney once. i have tries calling him leaving messages but we get no responce. i called the court and they said to keep insisting what can be sone in this case. i feel as if this attorney doesnt want to help being that my boyfriend is not a US citizen. What can i do

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You always have the right to retain private counsel of your own choosing.


You don't have any rights because you are not the defendant. However, I see two options here. Camp out at the attorney's office until you get him in person. Or send him a certified letter stating that you will file a complaint with the state bar if he does not speak to the defendant (not you) within a certain number of days. He doesn't have to talk to you about the case, but anyone can file a complaint with the Bar

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A judge is usually reluctant to change appointed counsel. I agree that you should send written correspondence to the attorney and make him/ her aware that you are considering contacting the State Bar.

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