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Can an agency call and verify your employer, and ALSO ask for your social security number? Is it a violation of HIPPA ACT?

Milpitas, CA |

I went to get help from an agency, and they wanted to verify that i worked at a certain place. Even after verifying that i did, they demanded for the accountant of my workplace to give them my social number in order to "confirm"

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HIPPA applies to medical records only, not your SSN. To verify eligibility most governmental agencies require your SSN, which also verifies your identity.

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HIPAA, the act is actually HIPAA not HIPPA, everyone makes that mistake probably because we are used to Hippos in the zoo. On a serious note HIPAA is for medical records only so there is no violation of the HIPAA law.

As far as disclosure of other information generally the agency you are dealing with has you sign an authorization for release of information.


I agree with both previous answers. HIPAA laws protect health information, not Social Security numbers. I know it can be frustrating that your SSN can be so easily requested, but unfortunately HIPAA won't help you with that.

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