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Can an adoption be overturned?

Richlands, VA |

My sister who is a lesbian and lives with her partner allowed her partner to adopt her child without telling any of my sister's family and we feel like she was forced into thw decision. My sister has some mental issues that I feel led her to make that decision. Now her partner has told her to leave the home. Is there anything that can be done to undo this adoption?

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Nothing short of consultation with a local experienced and very adept family practitioner will meet your sister's needs, and is not likely to be available at no charge. Her mental competence at the time of the adoption may be relevant. Be aware that adoptions as a general rule are irrevocable, but if the partners are splitting custody of the child may need to be determined in court proceedings.

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I agree with the previous post. Your sister will need to speak with an experienced family law and adoption attorney. Her mental health will need to be discussed with the attorney. Simply because she has mental health issues does not necessarily mean that she is incompetent for the purposes of entering and agreeing to legal contracts.