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Can an 18 yr old resident of Tennessee marry in Illinois under the state laws of Illinois??

Winchester, TN |

So it's a K1 visa thing and it turns out that in order to get married in Tennessee, my girlfriend has to be 21 or over to marry without any parental consent. But she's 18 and her parents don't approve of us so that won't work. So we are planning to get married in Illinois cuz the state laws there don't require her to give any parental consent cuz she's 18. So basically my question is - Can we get married in Illinois when she's been a resident of Tennessee since she was born?

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Where did you hear she must be 21 to marry in TN? You do need proof of SSN (card or license with SSN on it). If she is not a US citizen and has no SSN she would need a valid Passport and US visa or resident alien card. I see no requirement for parental approval if both parties are 18 or over. You also need proof of date of birth (birth certificate or gov issued ID with DOB). Call your county clerk and ask.

As for IL law, if you still believe you need the answer you should repost this question and list IL as your location so as to be viewed by IL attorneys.

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Requirements for marriage differ from state to state and county to county. Most counties' probate courts or license bureaus have websites that explain exactly what the requirements are for marriage. I would check those out - whether TN or IL.

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Yes. Remember - 90 days. Any state will do.

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