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Can Alltel hold me to my cell phone contract now that they are merging with Verizon or can I get out now since since they merged

Harrison, AR |

I had my origional cell phone contract with Alltel before they merged with Verizon Wireless and I have had nothing but trouble with them since they have begun the merging process and I want out of my contract. Since my contract was with Alltel not Verizon can I now get out of my contract since the original contract was with Alltel not Verizon?

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Probably, but not just because another company took over. Generally if the cell phone company changes the terms of your contract, then you have the right to teminate it. There is actually a web site that discusses this and gives you the recent changes for many cell phone companies so you can quickly see if your contract has been changed and what to do about it if you want to cancel it. Many cell phone companies make small changes to their contracts, such as changing the amount of texts that are allowed at no cost, and just send notices out and most consumers don't read them. Here's a web video that talks about it too: If this answer was helpful, please check the "helpful" box below.

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