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Can adoptive parents relinquish or terminate parental rights of an adopted child?

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My question is, can adoptive parents voluntarily relinquish their parental rights?

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There is alot of infomration that you have not provided that may change the answer to this questions. However, technically the answer is yes it can be done, and your first step would be to contact the department of social services and request their assistance. That being said, this type of action is a voluntary relinquishment that needs to be done by both parents or if you are in a dissolution proceeding then the parent who wants to retain the child needs to go though a process of a step parent adoption with their new intended spouse or significant other. The laws vary state to state and the process depends upon whether you alone are attempting to relinquish your rights or whether you and your spouse who adopted the child are seeking to do this together. Check with social services. Obvioulsy the process will vary depending upon your circumstances and the circumstances surrounding the reason why you are seeking to relinquish an adopted child as well.

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