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Can absents of a nondisclosure agreement let an elder-law of MI firm off the hook, for there employee's abuse of their clients?

Canton, MI |

Elder law of Mi had an intake specialist who had first contact with their client's/victim's. This woman than used that privileged info to seek out & prey on the elderly. In discovery this law firm claimed they didn't have a non disclosure agreement. In the woman's deposition, she stated otherwise, Can this one document letthefirm off the hook?

UPDATE: Elder Law of (Lansing) Michigan's, Intake specialist's Diane Marie Harvell, has been charged with SIX COUNTS Of CRIMINAL FRAUD. At Frank Murphy Hall of Justice 1441 Saint Antoine Street, Detroit, MI Case number : 14710261-01 NEXT COURT DATE, SEPT 17,2014

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No. Not even close.

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Judge Amy P. Hathaway of Wayne Co. MI dropped Elder Law of MI from the multiple defendant lawsuit based on this one finding. This woman is part of an elder abuse ring that spreads from Lansing MI to Blythville Ark. Almost her entire family is linked to some kind of elderly care and Sparrow Hospital in Lansing MI.


Hell no. You should report this conduct to the State Bar of Michigan Grievance Committee.


I don't think it is that simple. I believe- it depends on whether the law firm knew or should have known what the woman in question was doing. Did she have a criminal history? Did they do a background check? I think there are many variables that need answers that Elder Law attorneys may not know. You should re-post this question in the area of legal malpractice.

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